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National Polling Network is an American publication proudly exercising our rights to freedom of speech and a free press. We’re a news source for concerned patriots whose top priority is defending the Constitutional liberties of United States citizens. While the mainstream media spins news to fit an accepted narrative, we seek to report the truth as we see it to patriotic readers who are tired of agendas and political dirty tricks in the media.

Today’s news and politics are largely corrupt. If you’re like us, then you’re tired of trying to navigate the lies you see in the leading news outlets. We seek to expose corruption, shed light on hopeful stories, and lift up our fellow patriots who are working in the public forum to protect our American rights.

Each week, we’ll share reports and stories that expose threats to our values, attempts to undermine our freedoms, and what we’re doing to protect them. You’ll learn about the brave patriots in politics, entertainment, and media who stand against the narrative and fight to protect the voice of ordinary American people. We’ll also keep you posted on the events, laws, and happenings that affect your daily life.

Our team spends hours every week scouring the latest news stories for the truths you need to know. We’ll bring those reports to you in easy-to-read, skimmable formats that keep you updated on the goings-on in the world without taking up too much of your day. You can stay up to date on the news whether you’re getting ready for work, enjoying a slow morning coffee, or on your train commute. It is our mission to keep you informed, and we’re proud you’ve trusted us with this task.

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