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Are Republican Leaders Secretly Democrats?

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Is America Nearing Civil War?

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Would Biden Get Away With Framing Trump?

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Will The IRS Soon Target Conservatives?

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Democrat Lawmaker ‘Twerks’ For Votes In Disgusting Viral Video

If you'd like a clear representation of the degeneracy that fuels the entire Democrat Party, well look no further. Such a lude displays on social...

BREAKING: Republicans Cave On Gun Control

It was only a matter of time before the Republican Party's RINO coalition eventually bent their knee to Democrats on gun control -- and...

Hard To Watch: Biden’s Late Night TV Appearance Cringes Everyone Out

Joe Biden broke his interview dry spell after 108 days when he sat down for an interview with "comedian" turned liberal activist. Jimmy Kimmel...

Jan. 6 Show Trials Fail To Win Over Americans — Trump Responds

The Jan. 6 House Select Committee finally had their time to shine on Thursday as they debuted the kick-off of their Soviet-style show trials...

Trump Ally Reveals Who’s Actually To Blame For Jan. 6

Let's get one thing straight: The Jan. 6 show trials, which premiered in primetime on Thursday, are nothing but a Democrat political advertisement. They in no...

You Won’t Believe How Much Taxpayer Money Biden Wastes On Incompetent Staffers

The Biden administration is in total disarray. They are completely lost on how to proceed as their woke intentions constantly collide with actual solutions to...

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