MAGA King: Biden Bestows Trump With Perfect New Nickname

While it’s true that Joe Biden is sending our country down a path of utter death and destruction, that doesn’t take away from the fact that he is arguably the most entertaining President we’ve ever had.

Yes, Trump is hilarious, and his off-the-cuff remarks and vitriolic one liners zinged at reporters is always a treat, but Joe Biden is clueless; he’s not in on the joke which just makes it that much funnier. His braindead approach to politics and public speaking, combined with his declining mental cognition, always makes for a gaffe-ridden public appearance perfect for poking fun at with family and friends.

Biden was in peak form on Wednesday during a speech he gave in Chicago at the 40th International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers convention. (Doesn’t that sound like a commie honey pot?)

During his speech, Biden was energized, almost synthetically, as if his handlers gave him a shot of ‘the good stuff’ before pushing him on stage. He ranted, raved, and attacked what he called the “Ultra MAGA” agenda within the GOP, referring to them as the “MAGA crowd.”

In videos of the event, you can see the cognitively deficient president aimlessly wandering around on stage shouting non-sequiturs about congressional Republicans into his wireless microphone. Watching his speech was somewhat of a psychedelic experience; it’s hard to believe that reality consists of a United States President who behaves in this irate manner.

Biden touted his domestic agenda, namely the American Rescue Plan, which he celebrated because of the money allocated for landlords and renters.

“The American Rescue Plan provided eviction relief, funding for states and cities to allocate to landlords and renters, to help them keep a roof over their heads, five million households,” Biden said.

Then out of nowhere, Biden shot off on a tangent about people standing in food lines during the China Virus pandemic. It was a ridiculous rant in which he implied that Trump and the “MAGA crowd” were somehow responsible for long lines at the grocery store. And if I remember correctly, the lines were not due to a shortage of food. They were a result of capacity restrictions in the grocery stores.

Shortly afterward, Biden broke into a shout while touting the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, knocking the Trump administration’s “Infrastructure Week” program.

As his speech progressed, Biden continued to shout anecdotes ostensibly related to his domestic agenda. He recalled a story about mothers taking their children to Mcdonald’s just so they could use the free WiFi. He parlayed that made-up anecdote with a celebration of a recent policy that gives free high-speed internet to American families earning less than $55,000 per year.

Essentially free government internet is just another iteration of Obama’s infamous ObamaPhone. Every Democrat must force taxpayers to fund free crap for poor people; it’s apparently a requirement.

Toward the end of his speech, Biden touted the “fiscal responsibility” of his policies. He criticized Former President Donald Trump’s deficits during his term while giving Trump a PERFECT new nickname.

Trump immediately seized on the opportunity to hit back at Biden by doing what he does best.


Author: Sebastian Hayworth